Seattle Energy Works is becoming the Living Moksha Center. As part of this process we are deprecating our previous training system, and no longer offering reiki certification or training at all. We will soon be offering a deeper course of training in energy work and energy healing based on a broader tradition of energy healing than traditional reiki offers!

Seattle Energy Works is your resource for personal transformation, relaxation, renewal, and rejuvenation. We offer reiki and energy healing from multiple traditions tailored to your spiritual, emotional, energetic, and physical needs.

One advantage of energy healing is that we can approach your needs and desires holistically, taking all aspects of your life into consideration. Wherever you are in life, we will help you shift into your best possible experience.

Seattle Energy Works specializes in personal transformation. We will help you release the patterns that no longer serve you, and open into your highest being.

We have deep expertise with:

  • Life transitions and changes
  • Obstacles to relationship
  • Anxiety, depression, sleep disorders
  • Recovery from trauma
  • Unbalanced libido and sexual dysfunction

Schedule an introductory session to learn more about how reiki and other modalities of energy healing can change your life!

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