Energy Healing

A standard healing session at Seattle Energy Works consists of at least four components.


Energy healing is a collaborative process. The full participation of your energy and your intuition contribute to the best outcome. For this reason I use the word 'we' below.

First, we discuss your presenting issue. This is very much like a traditional medical intake. We gather information about whatever concern has brought you to seek healing, as well as related aspects of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. It may happen during this part of a session that we will determine that energy healing is not the appropriate course of action. (Of course, a healing session is always relaxing, and is never inappropriate: but neither is it a substitute for more urgent measures.)

Second is the energetic evaluation. In this part of the session we evaluate the energy flow in your body. This can turn up blockages in the energy body, areas of particular energy accumulation or void. This may or may not be directly related to your presenting issue, but will help focus the remainder of the session. Evaluation includes both perimeter and core energy flows.

Third, we bring energy to bear on those parts of your energy body that show potential for healing. This treatment phase aims to accomplish several key improvements. First: grounding. Ensuring that any energetic disturbances, blockages, or damaging energies have an appropriate and healthy release path. Then we focus on flows, ensuring that all primary energy paths are open and flowing. Third we focus energy on those areas of the body that indicate particular healing or infusion of energy are appropriate.

Finally, we rebalance. The goal is for you to walk out of the office relaxed and rejuvenated. Once we have directly addressed the presenting issue and any other energetic disturbances, we will ensure that energy in your body is balanced and healthy. Because the experience is so relaxing, we also want to gently bring you back fully into the experience of the everyday world.

Options: The above describes a straightforward reiki session. Seattle Energy Works incorporates energy healing from shamanic, tantric, taoist, and christian healing traditions. Additional options, where appropriate, might include: breathing exercises, meditation, movement, prayer, pressure, tapping, and massage. All of these are open for discussion during intake. The common thread is energy!

Healing sessions are generally 60 minutes long. The fee is $100. Discounts are available for students and those in the service industry: please inquire in order to receive up to 60% off the normal rate. (learn more)

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