Jul 23, 2014

Testimonials from Coupon Users

I love having new people walk through the door.

I won't say that I completely love Groupon or Amazon Local -- since they walk away with half the amount paid (and ALL the amount paid if you forget to use your coupon in time), it's pretty close to a scam on both the coupon holder and me.

But it does bring new people through the door, and that's always a pleasure... for me and for the visitor. Here are some things I've heard recently:

"Wow! That was really -- surprisingly -- intense!" -- D. H.

"I was amazed at how strongly I felt the energy. Everything is so much brighter now!" -- M. L.

"I feel so calm, so peaceful, so balanced... I didn't really expect it at all!" -- G.

"That was... interesting. But in a good way!" -- P.

"The pain is gone." -- D. D.

"The session with you was really beautiful. I could feel so much brightness in my hands and in my heart. Thank you!" -- A. R.

So... thank you to all of you who have been adventurous enough to try a reiki session for the first time! Tell your friends!

And to those of you who are still holding a coupon: for goodness sake, make your appointment before Groupon or Amazon walks off with all your money! (Note: the rules of the coupon state that if your coupon is expired, you can still redeem the value of it against a full-price session. This means if you paid $35 for a $100 session, and your coupon expired, you can still get that $35 as a discount, for a final cost of $65.)