Jun 08, 2016

Seattle Energy Works is Moving

Well... we lost our lease.

The landlord had something else he wanted to do with our beautiful little street-front healing studio and we were unable to find anything else like it.

Instead, we have leased a larger space in the Maple Leaf neighborhood ( 9414 Roosevelt Way NE ), which will be suitable for classes and for healing sessions, which we will be sharing with Mokṣa Tantra, and Seattle Laya Yoga.

Although final work will be ongoing for a few weeks, we are now set up and open for sessions at the new space.

For a long time, people interested in learning reiki or other modalities of healing work through Seattle Energy Works have been disappointed that our only offering is mentorship-level teaching, which is obviously more expensive than group classes. At last, group classes will be an option. We will probably hold our first Reiki I (general purpose energy healing) class in the fall.

Jan 20, 2016

Number One Healer in Seattle!

Thumbtack, a service for finding professionals of all sorts, has named Matthias of Seattle Energy Works as the number one reiki practitioner in Seattle.

We are delighted at this honor, and recognize that there are many excellent energy healers in Seattle, not all of whom are on the Thumbtack site at all. Nonetheless, this is a hard-earned honor.

This comes at a propitious time for Seattle Energy Works: in the next few weeks we will be adding two new practitioners. (Watch this space for announcements to follow.) We are expanding the website, and introducing a new healing modality "Somatic Reiki" -- a combination of energy healing and bodywork. Growth is not always easy, and we take our primary commitment: to the personal transformation of those who put their trust in us very seriously. It is always priority number one.

Jul 23, 2014

Testimonials from Coupon Users

I love having new people walk through the door.

I won't say that I completely love Groupon or Amazon Local -- since they walk away with half the amount paid (and ALL the amount paid if you forget to use your coupon in time), it's pretty close to a scam on both the coupon holder and me.

But it does bring new people through the door, and that's always a pleasure... for me and for the visitor. Here are some things I've heard recently:

"Wow! That was really -- surprisingly -- intense!" -- D. H.

"I was amazed at how strongly I felt the energy. Everything is so much brighter now!" -- M. L.

"I feel so calm, so peaceful, so balanced... I didn't really expect it at all!" -- G.

"That was... interesting. But in a good way!" -- P.

"The pain is gone." -- D. D.

"The session with you was really beautiful. I could feel so much brightness in my hands and in my heart. Thank you!" -- A. R.

So... thank you to all of you who have been adventurous enough to try a reiki session for the first time! Tell your friends!

And to those of you who are still holding a coupon: for goodness sake, make your appointment before Groupon or Amazon walks off with all your money! (Note: the rules of the coupon state that if your coupon is expired, you can still redeem the value of it against a full-price session. This means if you paid $35 for a $100 session, and your coupon expired, you can still get that $35 as a discount, for a final cost of $65.)

Jul 12, 2014

All About the Chakras

Learn everything you need to know (and possibly a little more) about the Chakras at this space-limited event.

This event has been rescheduled to late august -- details to be announced. When it happens we will be offering a full introduction to the origin, theory, history, and reality of the chakras, suitable for energy healers, reiki practitioners, skeptics, and the curious.


  • The latest scientific understanding of the chakras
  • What and where each chakra is
  • How the energy of each chakra works
  • How the system as a whole works
  • How the system can get out of balance
  • Techniques for maintaining healthy chakras
  • Techniques for restoring balance to the chakras
  • Techniques to bring healing to the chakras
  • Breathing exercises for better chakra health
  • Meditations that increase overall energy levels by use of chakras

There will be theory, experiential practice, open discussion, handouts, and further reading.

Cost for this three hour class is $40. Discounts are available to students and those in financial distress. Please enquire!

Jul 05, 2014

Introducing Student and Service Worker Discounts

For some, $100 is inexpensive for an hour of intensely healing presence. For others, it's simply not an option.

This amazing, healing experience should be available to everyone. For students and those who work in the service industry, we offer a 60% discount — only $40 per session! If you have questions about whether you qualify for this discount, call for more information.

Energy healing walks a fine line between a spiritual offering and a professional service. It is hard to put a price tag on the gift of this kind of healing. As healers, we want to bring this gift to everyone who is in need. And, as a side note, everyone is in need! Some argue that charging anything for this healing is wrong: that it commercializes and reduces a beautiful and spiritual experience to a financial transaction. In a different society, that might be possible, but in Seattle there are all the usual bills to be paid, and a good energy healer is always seeking out further training and inspiration, which has costs in both time and money.

Accordingly, this discount seems like the best way to bridge the gap and offer a truly affordable experience to everyone, while still setting a fair price for those who are more fortunate.

Jun 18, 2014

We Have a New Home!

This week — the week of June 18, 2014 — we are moving up to our new home on Capitol Hill. This is great news because as longtime clients know, we have been working out of a residential space in Belltown which, while lovely, was not an ideal situation.

This site is pretty short on photos, so once we're fully settled in, we'll get a bunch of photos of the place.

In the meantime, here's a description: we now have a store-front space with a lovely little gated patio. (Todo: planter of herbs, patio seating!) The studio is a single internal space, but separated by curtains into a healing dedicated healing space and a front area for conversation and sales. Although there's not much there now, the plan is to provide a wide range of supplies for those interested in energy healing, tantra, and shamanic work.

Once we are fully settled in, we'll have a special open house to bless the space. Stay tuned!

Mar 17, 2014

Web Launch Specials

There may still be a few unpolished corners and we're definitely still looking for some aesthetic upgrades—but otherwise, the site is fully operational!

Since we are so excited, we are offering a 50% discount for all first time patients in March and April. Come experience the restful, rejuvenating, restorative power of Reiki all at unbeatable prices! Not sure if Reiki or related energy healing is right for you? Consultations are always free.

Discounts for students are pretty great too: $200 off your Reiki level I training and attunement until the end of April. This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to the amazing experience of energy healing. Practice on your pets! Your children! Your friends! Yourself!

If you would simply like more information about energy healing, about reiki, you should call or set up a time for a skype session. Energy healing is a fascinating subject, and while it certainly can't claim to solve all your problems, the benefits can be both amazing and wonderful!

As I spread the word, I look for places that might be able to reach new customers. One such place is: ThumbTack -- we shall see how they do!

Mar 17, 2014

Does Reiki Work?

What is Energy Healing, and does it work?

Reiki is currently the most well known formulation of energy healing, but the tradition that reiki taps into is broad and arguably as long as human history: in the west "faith healing," healing as a "gift of the spirit," and laying on of hands are a long-standing part of our culture. In the east, energy work has many forms: tantric practice, taoist teaching, even acupuncture are all based on the experience of energy flows through the body and between individuals. Many martial arts are founded on a deep understanding of the movement of energy. In other traditions, shamanic healing very often has a component of touch and energy exchange.

Despite all these experiences of energy healing throughout the world's great cultures, there is a simple problem remaining. Nobody understands why it works!

At the most fundamental level, we have a word 'energy' that is highly problematic. Even in the rigorous and very well understood world of Newtonian physics, energy is an oblique term. Energy is understood as "one of the basic quantitative properties" describing an object or a system. Although quantifiable, the meaning of the measurement is elusive. Energy comes in many forms: chemical, kinetic, potential, mechanical, magnetic, electric, thermal, radiant, nuclear, gravitational, and so forth. The first law of thermodynamics observes that energy can shift from one form to another, but within any given system, the total energy cannot change. What is this measurable-but-unknowable non-stuff that can shift between such different forms?

If it's a challenging concept in physics, it only gets murkier in the realm of healing.

Although understanding what physicists mean by energy (and that's true even without the challenging territory of quantum mechanics), at least this energy can be measured. The energy described by energy healers has so far not been readily subject to measurement. Reiki practitioners and other energy healers have subjected themselves to scientific scrutiny, and so far, the results satisfy the skeptics, except for one small issue. It gets results.

One of my favorite sayings is: "The plural of anecdote is not data." There is ample anecdotal evidence that energy healing works. From simple stories of diminished pain to miracle cures, you don't have to look hard to find someone who has benefitted from energy healing. Why, then, is it so hard for science to figure it out?

One answer is that energy healers and medical scientists are not using language in the same way. The word energy, in reiki and related modalities is simply not referring to any of the forms of energy subject to the laws of thermodynamics. Although there are electromagnetic energy fields surrounding us, for we are in part electromagnetic organisms, and although some interplay of these energy fields may be responsible for the healing work, this is not, primarily, what an energy practitioner engages with.

Have we discovered some exotic form of energy? Probably not. More likely, as the word energy, in physics, is an indirect way of measuring the facts of action and reaction, so the word energy in reiki is borrowing a western term to use as metaphor for some phenomenon that is simply not yet well understood. Although the physical experiences of healing energy (heat, tingling, vibration, an almost magnet like sense of attraction or repulsion, and color) sound like things the word used by physicists describes, these phenomenon appear to be very different and not (yet) measurable by traditional means.

Medical science has amply demonstrated that the explanations of energy healers for why this healing form works are not true: if you take the language literally. But medical science hos not demonstrated what does explain the observed phenomena.

In scientific method, we start with observation. We form a hypothesis to explain this observation. We use this hypothesis to make testable predictions. We construct tests to attempt to disprove the hypothesis. So, with energy healing, we start with the observation that something is working. A hypothesis has been put forward that the cause of these observations is energy—in its traditional, biophysical sense. Scientists have made predictions based on this theory, tested the theory, and found it wanting.

Regrettably, this has led some scientists to make the mistake of believing the initial observations are somehow flawed, rather than helping to devise a better hypothesis.

All our anecdotes of healing are not data, because they are not quantifiable... yet. We simply don't understand what is really going on... yet. Another of my favorite approaches to extraordinary claims is the economic argument, put forward by Randall Munroe, of XKCD:

If Munroe's idea of an economic argument has merit, it should be noted that hospitals are introducing reiki as a pre-operation treatment (Portsmouth Regional Hospital, NH), and as many as 800 other hospitals are introducing reiki as a form of treatment. Reiki is not generally covered by insurance, but hospitals and medical practitioners are working to negotiate a change to that.

Studies undertaken to determine the quantitative efficacy of reiki typically run up against several issues. Most notably, many of the benefits of reiki are qualitative, rather than quantitative. Nonetheless, even the most critical of rigorous studies show that patients who receive reiki do better than patients who do not. Comparing the difference between a skilled reiki practitioner and a "placebo" reiki practitioner shows less difference, however, suggesting either that the practice of reiki itself is no better than the appearance of practicing reiki or (not considered by the study) that the energy healing effect can take place even without a trained and attuned caregiver.

Even this study, widely considered as the soundest scientific analysis to date, has come under criticism from the scientific establishment as procedurally flawed. (See this analysis by Portsmouth.)

In conclusion, we do not fully understand the mechanism by which reiki or other energy healing modalities work. There is ample observational and experimental data to suggest that there is real medical value in energy healing work. Scientific studies to date have focussed more on refuting the explanatory hypotheses put forward by energy healers themselves, or else to explaining away the observations rather than to finding and explaining the means by which this healing takes place.

Energy healing in all its various forms is an ancient and robust approach to improving quality of life. More important than any study to date is the simple preponderance of observation: something is working! We may not have the final explanation for what it is or how it works, but practitioners and patients who have experienced the benefits—from the mild to the miraculous—know viscerally that there is value in this form of healing.